Use the unique opportunity for working in our molecular laboratories at the Institute of Ecology (Innsbruck University, Austria), which are equipped according to the state of current technology. Our equipment biotech analyses, including automated DNA extraction, diagnostic PCR, and droplet digital PCR meets all requirements for cutting edge bioanalysis. There is a separate lab for all pre-PCR work and another one for all post-PCR work, to perform molecular work. Aside from the standard molecular equipment, these labs include special devices for doing high-throughput DNA diagnostics such as a Preceyllis24 tissue homogenizer, a Qiagen Biosprint96 DNA extraction robotic platform and an automatic capillary electrophoresis system (QIAxcel). A HEPA-filter ventilation system and automated sterilization via UV-C every 24 hours provide ideal conditions for reliable analyses. Moreover, separate rooms for pre- and post PCR minimizes the risk for DNA carry over cross-contamination.

Please let us know what are your specific requirements are. For detailed information contact us.

Do you want to learn more about how to analyze your own dietary samples molecularly? Join one of our courses for the molecular identification of trophic interactions at the University of Innsbruck (Austria):