Metabarcoding is a rapid method for biodiversity assessment combining two technologies: high-throughput DNA sequencing via next generation sequencing and DNA based species identification. Based on this method it is possible, to characterize the species spectrum in an environmental sample or the trophic interactions of a given species for example. The huge datasets require comprehensive bioinformatic analyses. The applicability of this method for detecting rare species is limited (in this case we rather recommend the diagnostic multiplex PCR). However, such metabarcode data sets are taxonomically comprehensive and highly time efficient for identifying bulk samples.

  1. A sample containing a mixture of different species (e.g. in faeces, gut contents, etc.) or bulked samples are the basis of the analysis.
  2. DNA of all organisms in your sample are extracted.
  3. Copying of a certain geneomic region (DNA Barcode) via general primer or group specific molecular probes.
  4. Reading, processing and subsequent comparison of the of different DNA sequencse with reference databases for molecular identification of the species spectrum.

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