Tissue samples and cell residues possess high information levels. The molecular analysis of tissue samples allows for an unambigous identification of animal and plant species that are otherwise difficult to differentiate. Our team has over 20 years of experience in the development and application of a wide range of DNA analytical methods for species identification in am´nimals and plants.

We reliably identify species via DNA analysis from tissue samples, which can be fresh material but also come from suitable collections. The molecular approach allows for an accurate species identification also from eggs, larvae, pollen, roots or seeds. Choose from our wide spectrum of molecular assays comprising diagnostic PCR, semi-quantitative and quantitative PCR, as well as DNA barcoding or allow us to advice you. Don’t hesitate to ask.

Sinsoma bietet speziell auf die Kundenwünsche zugeschnittene Ansätze zur eindeutigen Identifikation entsprechend Ihrer Fragestellung inklusive Projektdesign und Probennahme. Wir bieten flexible Lösungen für den gesamten Workflow, beginnend bei der DNA-Extraktion bis zu bioinformatischen Analysen.

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