sinsoma is a spinoff of the University of Innsbruck, committed to high quality DNA diagnostics of environmental samples stemming from terrestrial habitats and freshwater systems. Our team has over 20 years of experience in the development and optimization of molecular diagnostic assays to detect minute amounts of DNA and the processing of samples in high-throughput and at top quality standards. Our assays fulfill highest standards regarding specificity and sensitivity at a short time in a high-throughput laboratory.

We work in close cooperation with our customers to deliver tailored solutions for meeting your specific questions and requirements. Our customized assays allow for detection and identification of single individuals, almost independently from their frequency of occurrence as well as the parallel identification of multiple species in a single analysis at high sensitivity and precision.

Why asking others, when you can cooperate with us? You too can benefit from our longstanding experience which we would love to share with you!

Our Team:

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